I've just finished converting my Blogger blog to Branchable but before I switch the domain over, I need to ensure that old links pointing to my blog will continue to work.

The conversion script I wrote spits out a bunch of Redirect directives for Apache's mod_alias. Is there a way to set these up through the admin interface?

Also, I'd like to keep an eye on all of the 404s that my blog gets to catch any old links I've missed and manually update these Redirect directives. Is there a way to do that?

Nice site conversion!

The Branchable admins are able to set up apache directives for sites, but we do not have a user interface to let you do it directly. It seems to me it would be hard to open that up to users securely, and be sure it couldn't be used to run shell code, or break other sites. The RedirectMatch directive has been subject to an Apache security hole in the past.

For now, if you want to mail us the directives, we can manually review and enable them.

Comment by joeyh.name Sun Nov 4 16:26:03 2012

I've wanted to provide some way for site owners to access the logs for a log time, but have never quite gotten around to it.

I suppose I could just add a button to the Preferences page for the site's admin that causes it to serve up the log (and error log) file for download.

Or, instead have a button that runs a log analysis program, like analog, and lets the site admin (and only the admin) view the report. That also seems doable.

Or, an interesting alternative, we could let users ssh in and either dump or tail their logs. Since we already let admins set up ssh keys, and have a restricted shell, we could just extend that, allowing:

ssh b-mysite@mysite.branchable.com logs [-f] access.log [error.log]

Any preferences as a potential user of this? I'd lean toward the ssh interface myself, as more secure and flexible.

Comment by joeyh.name Sun Nov 4 16:44:32 2012
I've built the ssh interface: viewing your log
Comment by joeyh.name Sun Nov 4 18:13:01 2012
And now the above page also documents how to view analog reports... Happy Sunday!
Comment by joeyh.name Sun Nov 4 18:58:38 2012