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Welcome to Branchable!

Create a website, wiki, or blog, easily, within a minute.

Hosting your web site at Branchable give you access to the full power of Git and IkiWiki, with all the convenience of the web. You can make and change web pages, post blog entries, and control your web site completely from your web browser. It's easy, and it just works.

You should be able to git clone your wiki or blog.

Yes: At Branchable, everything about your web site is version controlled using Git. Right down to the site's configuration.

Do you like using text editors? You can edit files directly and git push your changes back to Branchable -- they'll show up on the web instantly.

You can easily make a new git branch of your web site: we provide a button for that. You could do that to test big changes you are developing, such as a new layout. Branch your web site, develop your changes there, and git merge back when you're done.

You can even choose to let others clone and branch your web site.

A powerful engine for your web site.

Ikiwiki is a full-featured and powerful wiki (and blog) engine. Combining features of wikis and blogs lets you easily add a RSS feed or blog-style comments to your wiki -- or link to wiki pages from your blog.

We make it easy to use that power: IkiWiki's full array of features all Just Work right out of the box on Branchable. If you want to tweak something, or enable some of the 100+ plugins, that's easy to do via the control panel: just a few clicks of the mouse.

When editing your site, you can use HTML if you like, or you can just write text like you're writing an email. See Formatting Guide and examples.

By the way, IkiWiki compiles your site down to static HTML files. So it can be served up blazingly fast, with excellent scalability. You won't see any "too many database connections" type errors here!

We care about your freedom.

Everyone should own and control their data. So when you make a web site on Branchable, we don't lock you in. You can use git to download the entire source code of your web site at any time, and move it elsewhere if you desire.
(We're confident that you won't want to, but it's important that you can.)

We support the Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services.

We built Branchable out of 100% Free Software. Powerful software, like Git and IkiWiki. Software that is being continually improved by developers worldwide.

And we release the software that runs Branchable at our ikiwiki-hosting site, under the AGPL license.

Hosting plans.

We have three hosting plans:

  • Basic: 3 sites $9.99/month or $59.99/year
  • Pro: 15 sites
    $29.99/month or $179.99/year
  • Extreme: 100 sites
    $99.99/month or $599.99/year

Pay for a year upfront and save 50%. All prices are in US Dollars. We accept payments via PayPal.

All plans come with no hard traffic limitations, and no hard storage limitations. We reserve the right to limit uses of bandwidth or storage that adversely impact other customers. Full Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy.

Making Your Site.

To make your site, just fill in the form.

First, choose whether you want a blog or a wiki. If you plan to write periodic posts, that's a blog. If you'll be building most any other kind of site, you can start from the wiki for a blank slate.

Enter the name you want to give the site, such as "Your Name", and it will be created at an address like "yourname.branchable.com".

Or, you can enter a domain name that you own, or plan to buy later, like "example.com".

You can always change the name of your site later.

Need help using your site? Visit the Support page.

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