If you've been hosting a site with ikiwiki elsewhere, it's pretty easy to import it into Branchable.

  1. First, just make the site on Branchable.

  2. Then visit the new site's "Branchable" tab to look up the command to git clone it via ssh. You will run that command to check it out.

  3. But first, click on the "ssh keys" link, and in the form add the ssh keys for you and anyone else who can commit directly to the site.

  4. Now you have a git repository checked out for your site. You'll want to remove all the default files in there, and commit that, so there is an empty repository. git rm -rf *; git commit -m cleanup

  5. Then you can pull the whole history of the old version of your site over into the Branchable version. git pull ~/myoldsite master

    This assumes your site is using git -- or you could convert it from some other VCS to git first with any of the git conversion tools.

  6. git push to Branchable, and your site is ready to go!

  7. You may want to go to Preferences -> Setup, and enable any plugins your site uses, or make other configuration tweaks.

  8. It may be necessary to set the file modification timestamps to match git commit times. E-mail admin and we'll do it.

  9. Finally, update your site's DNS to point to the site at Branchable. See the tip about using your own DNS.

Enjoy! --Joey