I am considering using ikiwiki hosted on branchable for the documentation and bug tracking for an existing project that already stores its C++ source code in git (on gitorious). I would like to have a single git repository and have the ikiwiki part stored in a subdirectory e.g. "doc/". I believe merging the project code into the branchable repo could be done with the same procedure as explained here: importing an existing ikiwiki site to branchable.

I have already set up a page on branchable: http://pumpa.branchable.com/, and I believe that simply adding "/doc" to the srcdir should do the trick:

srcdir: /home/b-pumpa/source


srcdir: /home/b-pumpa/source/doc

However this change is considered unsafe and not allowed when I try to push the setup branch:

remote: the following settings cannot be changed:
remote:     srcdir
remote: error: rejecting change to setup branch

Is it possible to achieve this in some other way? For example git-annex seems to use branchable in this way, so it should be possible. Thanks!!