You can use your own domain name with Branchable. Your Branchable site can be located at any domain name you own, like, or any subdomain you control, like or Here's how.

  1. Create a site on Branchable, with a name like Play with it, tweak it, make it ready for use.

  2. Now you want to make the site use your own domain name (say, ""). The advantage is that it is easier to move your blog if necessary thus your URLs look like:

    • instead of

    To do this, you need to configure your domain name to point to Branchable. Configuring this is up to where your DNS is hosted. If you're unsure, go to where you bought the domain, and look for a control panel that allows configuring it.

    The best way is if you can set up a CNAME. In our example, it would be: CNAME

    If you cannot set up a CNAME, you can instead configure your domain name to point to the IP address But if you do, keep in mind that you will need to change it if the IP address has to change. (We'd contact you if that happened.)

  3. The hard part is done. Once your domain name is configured, go to your control panel, click on "Setup" for the site, then "DNS" at the bottom of the setup page. This will bring up a tool to manage the domain names that apply to a site: there can be many names. Move the one to "Other domains", and set the main domain to be your own domain. Then click on "Apply" and it's done.