Joey Hess is the author of Ikiwiki. He has been an active developer of Free Software since 1994. Joey enjoys flying kites.

Joey lives in the Appalachian mountain region of the United States.

Hey Joey, I am a fellow kite flyer. But I fly really big kites. I am a paraglider and paramotor pilot. Quick story; One day I attached a small kite to the trailing edge of my paramotor wing. I think the line was maybe 20 ft. long. I was concerned about what would happen while in flight. Well I took off from the beach and the kite came up and flew behind me just fine. I flew around for a while with my kite trailer and came back in to land. Someone was frantically waving and pointing. Turns out he thought I flew through someones kite line and thought I would slice my wing in half. Just joined Branchable and this Ikiwiki thing and I am already in over my head. Where can I find a tutorial for dummies like me? Fly Safe John

Comment by j Sat Mar 10 08:01:14 2012
Have you seen our tips page?
Comment by joey Sat Mar 10 16:11:42 2012