The branchable source site for my website stopped working some days ago, I don't exactly know when.

http://source.hroy-eu.branchable.com/?p=source.git;a=summary gives ‘404 no such project’ error. I don't think I tweaked the control panel settings about that. What’s more the ‘history’ links from the ikiwiki pages are not displayed any more.

Thanks for your help,

At some point (probably September 21st) your site had the "Allow anyone to branch, check out, and copy this site?" setting disabled. That necessarily disables the source site, and the history link. I have turned it back on for you.
Comment by joeyh.name Fri Oct 4 19:17:03 2013
Ha, I did not understand the repercussions this had. Thank you for solving it ☺
Comment by Hugo Sun Oct 6 16:38:15 2013