We are considering using the service from Branchable for a private corporate wiki. Is the service suitable for this?

We would want to integrate with our corporate SSO. Is there an option to integrate the web interface with our WebAuth or Shibboleth services? Alternatively, if only openid is supported, we could perhaps set up our own openid service.

We allow locking down a site so http basic auth password is needed to view it. Branchable does not currently run on https, so there's a potential exposure there. We could probably enable https if you wanted to provide a certificate.

As far as SSO goes, only Openid is currently supported. I hope to add support for Browserid soon.

It's hard to say if this meets your needs. Depending on your confidentially requirements, you might need to run your own ikiwiki in-house instead of using Branchable.

Comment by joey Wed Apr 3 17:11:39 2013