Hello all,

I was testing the po plugin. I enabled it and, after deciding I really did not want it, I disabled it. Then, back in my blog, I realized that the inline directive was including the uncleaned .pot files, and not the actual blog posts. It seems that the pages parameter gives priority to the .pot file instead of the directory containing the blog post.

After nearly one hour trying to delete the .pot files, I gave up. I've workaround the issue by duplicating the blog/ directory into a log/ directory, and modifying the pages parameter of the inline directive of blog.mdwn from blog/posts/* to log/post/*. Ugly, I know.

Is there a way to clean-up the .pot files? Or should I bother you, admins, to do such clean-ups? Is there a way to regenerate the whole ikiwiki instance?

Thanks in advance.


Cleaned up the files.

It's rather unfortunate that the po plugin has a few behaviors that can need manual cleanup. Not quite enough to disable it on Branchable, I suppose..

Comment by joeyh.name Mon Jul 29 06:15:07 2013

Thanks Joey, I was able to restore all back to normal. :-)


Comment by rul [myopenid.com] Mon Jul 29 12:52:49 2013