I created wiki and would like to give another OpenID full access to it. I've tried adding that user (and others) as a wiki admin, and this allows the user to login and edit the wiki pages themselves, but the [Setup] button doesn't appear on the preferences page. It seems that this is bound to the original OpenID I used when I setup the account. Does this sound right? Is there any way to switch out that account with another? (Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I've futzed around with it for quite a while and can't seem to sort it out.)

Thanks, tony

You can add additional OpenIDs as wiki admins, and they will be able to access the Setup page and everything else.

If I'm looking at the right site, it looks like you punched in some email addresses, not OpenIDs. That won't work. You need their OpenID, one way to get it is to look at the RecentChanges page after they edit and paste the OpenID url from there. (Everyone can edit a wiki by default though you can lock that down if desired.)

Hope that helps sort it out for you!

Comment by joey Fri Sep 17 17:52:40 2010