I have some static .html pages, they doesn't contain nothing weird or fancy. For example some of them comes from a MS Word document with text only, but heavily formatted (italics for some keywords, inline short expressions of code, blocks of code formatted as corresponding language, etc.) ---> meaning converting these pages to markdown is not a trivial task.

I have tried uploading a simple html file but I can not call it. For example if I use www.mysite.com/path/file.html I get a 404 error. That's the reason I wonder:

Is it possible to publish static .html pages? If it is possible how can I give to my readers access to them?


You can do this by going into the configuration of your site and enabling either the html plugin, or the rawhtml plugin.

In either case a page like foo.html will be available at the location /foo/ on your web site.

Comment by joeyh.name Tue Dec 24 18:49:38 2013
Thank you Joey!
Comment by Oscar Tue Dec 31 15:23:49 2013