I was just reading through http://ikiwiki-hosting.branchable.com/design/ and the very first item in the design is

Each site has a hostname, which is a subdomain of one of our domains. For example, foo.branchable.com.

I was wondering if it's possible to do the follow with ikiwiki-hosting


I'm somewhat interested in setting up a few related projects with ikiwiki-hosting (on an internal machine at a lab) where it would be more sensible to not have subdomains.

Using your own domain is perfectly possible. See using own domain for instructions on how to do that.

Comment by Lars Wirzenius Sun May 29 14:54:08 2011

I might have not been too clear with what I wanted to ask, what I am interested in is if I had 3 projects - "code1", "labbook1" and "labbook2" and I wish to setup these three on 'myprivatelabserver' with no sub-domains, i.e. is it possible for the ikiwiki-hosting tools to manage sites with the following outcome

  1. http://myprivatelabserver/code1/
  2. http://myprivatelabserver/labbook1/
  3. http://myprivatelabserver/labbook2/

where I have no control over the name of 'myprivateserver' because it's been assigned to me (or named after the lab), perhaps this is might be better discussed on the ikiwiki-hosting project page.

Comment by Jimmy Sun May 29 16:15:52 2011

To be on-topic for Branchable, you'd need to be hosting the sites here, and perhaps redirecting them to subdirectories of a domain name you control.

Yes, ikiwiki-hosting does not support using subdirectories for sites, only one (sub)domain per site. I don't anticipate that being very useful for Branchable users, and while ikiwiki-hosting is a nice solution for rolling your own ikiwiki hosting for lots of sites as well, the needs of Branchable are what drove its design.

I have not thought in detail about what would be needed to use subdomains with ikiwiki-hosting -- it might be possible to just modify the apache template used for sites to not create a virtual host, but only add a directory to a host and get most of the way there, but other stuff would probably need to be changed as well.

Comment by joey Mon May 30 03:54:54 2011
@joey okay that clarifies things for me, I think I will take a look at the templates and poke at the ikiwiki-hosting software/templates and see if I can make it do what I want. Unfortunately some of the stuff that I do want to host with something like branchable needs to be cleared and signed off :P so hosting internally is the only way to go for me.
Comment by Jimmy Mon May 30 07:50:18 2011

@Jimmy, this problem can be easily solved with aliases in apache or any other webserver.
Just create something like /srv/wikis/code1 /srv/wikis/labbook1 and so on and let http://whatever/code1 an alias to the appropriate folder. All these wikis will then have separate repositories - so there's no need to use ikiwiki-hosting.

Comment by abhidg Tue Jul 5 07:22:13 2011