We don't really fancy the idea of having to manage ssh pubkeys in lots of places.

Can the ssh access (for git over ssh) part of the Branchable service use gssapi authentication at all? Either by us uploading a key for a service principal in our realm, or by setting up a cross-realm relationship with a realm owned by the Branchable service.

If so, would be interested in any details of how authorisations can be expressed.

We're not set up to use GSSAPI. Not something I have experience with. I would like to support MonkeySphere for gpg-based ssh key distribution and authentication. I think that would be a better fit for Branchable.
Comment by joey Wed Apr 3 17:15:28 2013

For what it's worth, here's our current thoughts on using MonkeySphere: http://ikiwiki-hosting.branchable.com/todo/monkeysphere_for_ssh_key_setup/

Comment by joey Wed Apr 3 17:20:26 2013