I was looking into branchable and setting up a site with you. I entered the create a site process to check it out. I wasn't quite ready to sign up to pay just yet so I aborted the process. It seems a site was created anyway at http://kalleswork-net.branchable.com/

Branchable looks really good but I haven't decided if I need it just yet. Just wanted to make sure I've not created problems with my semi aborted setting up process. As the first month is free I'd be happy to check it out during the coming weeks. Just wanted to make sure my semi aborted setting up process won't cause you any trouble.

The unfinished site will be automatically cleaned up in a day or two.

If you decide to finish signing up for it, you can enter the same site name on the front page of Branchable to pick up where you left off.

Comment by joey Mon Apr 2 19:03:03 2012