I created and destroyed a bunch of wikis over a few weird internet connections while mixing up OpenID providers. My control panel now claims that both of these sites exist,

but wiki-thomaslevine-com3.branchable.com doesn't seem to exist.

This is problematic mainly because wiki-thomaslevine-com3.branchable.com is using the wiki.thomaslevine.com.

There isn't anything on either of the pages; there might be some bug that is associated with this, but it's fine if you just delete all of the sites in order to fix this particular instance.

I've cleaned it up for you.

(Interesting failure mode, it seemed to be stuck in the middle of creating the site, with ikisite createnonce running.)

Comment by joeyh.name Sun Mar 2 04:53:39 2014

I'm proxying my connection to another continent over SSH through a local SOCKS proxy, and I keep getting this error.

Error: OpenID failure: time_bad_sig: Return_to signature is not valid.

I'm posting this from the browser that doesn't have the weird proxy configured.

Comment by Thomas Sun Mar 2 06:18:38 2014