I have two issues about highlighting code syntax, the first one is that the produced html highlighted code is always marked only with <pre class="hl">, so there is no indication about the language which follows. What I mean is that in this context I can't see a way to color two languages in two different ways. Please, do you have any suggestion about this? Is there any way to force the produced code to contain also the implied language, like in <pre class="hl clojure">?

The other issue I have is that the syntax coloring for abap is incomplete, it doesn't recognize keywords commonly used in ABAP OOP, I would gladly colaborate to fix this but I don't know what are the initial steps to do this. I have perused andre-simon site (highlight plugin author) and besides there is no contact link I am not sure if interacting with him will be fruitful to my site in branchable.com


I've made this change to ikiwiki:

  * highlight: Now adds a span with class highlight-$extension around
    highlighted content, allowing for language-specific css styling.

It's available on Branchable now.

highlight's README gives contact email for its developer. It also has a sourceforge site with a bug tracker http://sourceforge.net/projects/syntaxhighlight/

Comment by joeyh.name Tue Feb 12 15:32:18 2013