is it possible to save a draft blog post (without having to rename the post)?

Thanks, Jamie

Do you mind if someone who knows where the draft posts are hidden can dig them out before they're published? If you're not a journalist who needs to scoop the competition, you may not care about completely hiding drafts, and then there is an easy way to do this:

Add a tag with a name like "draft". Then just tag your draft posts with it, and remove the tag when ready to publish. And modify your blog to not show drafts.

The modification is to the inline directive in your blog. Where it has something like pages="page(./posts/*) and !*/Discussion", add and !tagged(draft)

Comment by joey Sun Oct 30 17:34:56 2011
That sounds like a good solution, thanks.
Comment by Jamie Kitson Mon Oct 31 22:24:50 2011