I'm combining http://thomaslevine.com (not on branchable) with http://wiki.thomaslevine.com (on branchable). I want to save the current version of http://wiki.thomaslevine.com and serve it as static files. How can I get these files? If scp were allowed, I think I'd just do this.

scp -r b-wiki-thomaslevine-com@wiki-thomaslevine-com.branchable.com:public_html .

We don't support scp to branchable, that would be a complication and a possible security exposure for what seems a very strange use case.

Why not just git clone git://wiki-thomaslevine-com.branchable.com/ ?

If you really need the static files, feel free to use wget in recursive mode..

Comment by joeyh.name Tue May 27 19:31:21 2014

I wanted the compiled files so that I wouldn't need to run Ikiwiki myself.

I don't think a recursive wget will get all the files, and I'm starting to think I don't really need to have a full copy of the site, so I might just make wiki.thomaslevine.com a single page with a thomaslevine.com (dada.pink) search bar.

Comment by Thomas Sat Jun 21 18:26:23 2014