I am trying to make a local mirror of my (currently empty) Branchable site, following approximately ikiwiki's tips/laptop wiki with git.

While wondering how to maintain similar setups on both sides, I noticed the setup branch of the git repository in which Branchable wikis are stored. I checked it out on my local computer, and made a local branch where a couple of file paths are modified and the branchable modules disabled. I was hoping that I would be able to merge from the remote branch whenever I change the setup on Branchable.

Unfortunatlely, setup changes are not automatically commited. For instance, I just added fr|Français as a slave language for the po plugin, but it is still unchanged in the git repository: http://source.po-test.branchable.com/?p=source.git;a=history;f=ikiwiki.setup;hb=setup.

I could not figure out by myself if it is a bug or a security feature…

Have a nice day,

-- Charles