It would be nice to have some statistics for my branchable site

It's not urgent, just a wishlist.

Thoughts on statistics

I don't like ga.js aka Google analytics bit of Javascript on every page. Ewww.

One show be able to get enough statistics from Apache logs.

I quite like visitor's, though I would prefer a less noisy list of saying how many people are simply subscribed to my feed(s).

Many thanks,

done; there's a Statistics button on the Preferences page of a site's admin. The logs can also be rerieved with ssh for running your own stats. --Joey

This is something we plan to provide, although we have to keep our privacy policy in mind when doing it. So only site owners would be able to see the info. I was thinking Analog, but Visitors does look nice.
Comment by joey Wed Jun 29 19:15:09 2011