We now support use of https for Branchable sites. Every site under *.branchable.com has https enabled by default. Go try yours!

Note that using https on Branchable relies on the SSL protocol extension called Server Name Indication (RFC 4366). Some older browsers may lack support for it, and won't be able to use https with Branchable.

Update: Rather than sending us a certificate as described below, consider using our new beta Lets Encrypt integration!

get a certificate for your own domain

If you have your own domain for your Branchable site, you'll need to get your own certificate to go with it in order to use https.

install your certificate

We don't currently provide an automated way to install your certificate from the Branchable control panel. But we're happy to install your certificate for you!

You need to email us two files. ssl.crt contain the certificate, and ssl.key contains the private key used by your certificate.

Please make sure that the private key is not password protected, as that will prevent Branchable from using it. You can remove any password from it by running this command:

openssl rsa -in ssl.key -out ssl.key

To protect your private key, you should GPG encrypt it before sending it to us. Our GPG key is 2512E3C7 (Joey). Email us.