Branchable is primarily meant to create wikis, but it does an awesome job of creating blogs and general websites too. Here are a few of the reasons I would never go back to blogging at Livejournal or creating my own website by hand:

  • As Branchable's website states: "We know that everyone should own and control their data. So we don't lock you in. You can download the entire content of your site at any time, and move it elsewhere if you desire." Anyone who has been blogging on a site like Livejournal will appreciate how important this freedom is.

  • Branchable starts you off with a simple template so you can start blogging immediately without learning all of the complications of setting up Wordpress software on your own site. But it's also customizable. Do you want to make your blog pay for itself by throwing in some ads? No problem! Would you rather add tracking software so that you know what keywords folks use to find your site? Again, simple.

If you've been putting off starting your own blog or website because all of the options were either too constricting or too daunting, you've now found the option that is just right.

-- Anna

Many other Mongol rally teams failed to get past one or two blogs. Jamie and I blogged continuously through the trip... How? Without an internet connection? We used git to commit blogs, and when we had internet in the briefest of moments we pushed and our readership got to enjoy our updates! Other blogging platforms basically assume you are on the Internet whilst writing the post, which sucks. Branchable powered by Ikiwiki rocks.

-- Mongol Ralley Team Geekout (Jamie&Kai)