Openssh is deprecating RSA keys for security reasons in an upcoming release, and many Branchable users use RSA keys with their sites.

Here's what you need to do, sometime before that deprecation happens. You probably have a few years to do it, but we wanted to document it now:

ssh keys that can push to your branchable site

If you sometimes git push changes from a clone of your branchable site out to the website, you must have configured it to accept your ssh public key.

Open your Branchable site, and click on the "Branchable" tab. In there, click on the "ssh keys" link, to see a list of the ssh keys that you have configured to allow to push to your site.

Any that start with "ssh-rsa" are the ones that will eventually stop working. You'll need to generate a new ssh key, and paste the public key into that page.

For example, to generate a Ed25519 key (probably the most secure kind that ssh supports), run:

ssh-keygen -t ed25519

And then paste the content of the file that generated into the web form.

ssh keys that your branchable site uses when pushing to other clones

Some Branchable sites are configured so that, after a change is made to the site, the change is git pushed out to other clones of the repository.

To check if your site has this set up, open its Preferences page and go to Setup, and search for "gitpush". If the gitpush plugin is enabled and a repository url is listed for it to push to, click on the "this ssh key" link to see the RSA public key that it's using when pushing.

Along with the RSA key, that page will list a Ed25519 public key. It's up to you to change the configuration of the repository that it pushes to so it will accept that Ed25519 key.