On Saturday, 26 November, at 12 pm EST (17:00 GMT), Branchable will be transitioned to new hosting. During this time we expect sites to remain accessible, but in a read-only mode. We expect the move to take less than an hour, and will post updates on identi.ca and twitter.

The move involves an IP address change. Some sites hosted here that have their own domain names hardcode our current IP address. We will contact the owners of such sites to help them move to the new IP address after the transition. To keep such sites from breaking, our old IP address will continue to work too, for the next month.

Update: The move is complete.

Our new IP address is:
Our new IPv6 address is: 2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fedf:c0e5

Update: The old IP address was decommissioned on January 5th 2012.