Lars Wirzenius has stepped away from administering Branchable. Joey Hess continues running the site.

Branchable is ten years old and it's clear it's not going to grow. That's ok. It's a sustainable tiny business with the users it has. Most of the work in running Branchable is helping the occasional new user and dealing with spammers creating new sites. Since neither is necessary for Branchable to continue operating as-is, some changes are being considered to reduce that work load.

One idea is to stop letting new users create new sites, but let anyone who owns or administers a site on Branchable to continue creating new sites. Branching existing sites using the Branchable tab might also only be allowed by existing users, or it could be allowed for new users too, if that is considered an important feature of Branchable sites.

This has not been implemented yet, and your feedback is welcomed.