The templatebody directive is supplied by the templatebody plugin.

This directive allows wiki pages to be used as templates for the template or edittemplate directive, without having HTML::Template markup interpreted as wiki markup when that page is built.

This directive does not produce any output in the wiki page that defines the template; the rest of that page can be used to to document how to use the template.

The first, un-named parameter is the content of the template. Because templates often contain directives, it's convenient to use the "here-document" syntax for it:

[[!templatebody  <<ENDBODY
[[!meta title="<TMPL_VAR name>"]]
[[!tag  person]]
<dt>Name:</dt><dd><TMPL_VAR name></dd>
<dt>Age:</dt><dd><TMPL_VAR age></dd>

<TMPL_VAR description>