The tag and taglink directives are supplied by the tag plugin.

These directives allow tagging pages. List tags as follows:

[[!tag  tech life linux]]

The tags work the same as if you had put a (hidden) WikiLink on the page for each tag, so you can use a PageSpec match all pages that are tagged with a given tag, for example. The tags will also show up on blog entries and at the bottom of the tagged pages, as well as in RSS and Atom feeds.

If you want a visible WikiLink along with the tag, use taglink instead:

[[!taglink  foo]]
[[!taglink  tagged_as_foo|foo]]

Note that if the wiki is configured to use a tagbase, then the tags will be located under a base directory, such as "tags/". This is a useful way to avoid having to write the full path to tags, if you want to keep them grouped together out of the way. Also, since ikiwiki then knows where to put tags, it will automatically create tag pages when new tags are used.

Bear in mind that specifying a tagbase means you will need to incorporate it into the link() PageSpec you use: e.g., if your tagbase is tag, you would match pages tagged "foo" with link(tag/foo).

If you want to override the tagbase for a particular tag, you can use something like this:

[[!tag  /foo]]
[[!taglink  /foo]]