For the last ~five years, most wikis on this instance of Branchable have been relying on Google for searches. This is because of a (now) old bug in Xapian, since then resolved, and documented here:

May I humbly suggest to try the Xapian search engine again? The reason is mostly that I want to avoid using Google products in my day to day routine: I have long ago stopped trusting they do the right thing with our data and their "free" services are nothing but, both in terms of "beer" (we pay with our privacy) and "speech" (we have zero access to their code).

Thank you for reconsidering Xapian! I note that ikiwiki is featured prominently in the Xapian users page, it would only be fair that the main ikiwiki deployment would effectively honor that advertisement and switch back to Xapian. :) -- ?anarcat