Sometimes, when modifying my setup, the rebuild log contains an error with the recentchanges pages, like:

removing recentchanges/change_afefe59984a9a0201a7b0030fa10fb21e670af82/index.html, ninternal error: recentchanges/change_5de515bd73410a3787efee9dd848f6877c611244._change cannot be found in /home/b-charles-plessy-org/source or underlay
o longer built by recentchanges/change_afefe59984a9a0201a7b0030fa10fb21e670af82

Branchable then reports that the error triggers an abortion of the setup changing; Error: ikiwiki -setup /home/b-charles-plessy-org/ikiwiki.setup -rebuild -v exited nonzero (512). Discarding setup changes. (in red). Accordingly, the setup file in the git repository is reverted.

However, the site itself is rebuilt fine with the setup with the requested changes, and it seems that this setup is kept in branchable despite the reversion, which is good, since the error is not annoying. If I re-enter the setup page after the error, it proposes me a configuration that is the one with the changes I entered in the first place, and if I press the Save Setup button, this version of the setup (the one displayed) is commited again in the repository, reverting the reversion.

generating wrappers..
successfully generated /home/b-charles-plessy-org/public_html/ikiwiki.cgi
successfully generated /home/b-charles-plessy-org/source.git/hooks/post-update
refreshing wiki..
From /home/b-charles-plessy-org/source
   2a046e9..10b3522  setup      -> origin/setup

In summary, when I encounter that error, I just have to run the setup again with no changes, and everything looks fine. I wonder about the cause of the error. Perhaps it is because some of the edition of the site is done in an off-line copy ?

Hmm, this is not a problem I'm familiar with. FWIW, it does not seem related to yetsterday's full /tmp. And Branchable's use of ikiwiki is really rather standard at this level -- whatever this bug is, it seems likely to be a bug in ikiwiki itself.

Is there any particular change you can make that reliably reproduces this? If so I'll branch your site and make the change in the branch to debug it. --Joey

I have seen this once or twice when the po plugin broke buiding of a site. --Joey