A powerful engine for your web site.

Ikiwiki is a full-featured and powerful wiki (and blog) engine. Combining features of wikis and blogs lets you easily add a RSS feed or blog-style comments to your wiki -- or link to wiki pages from your blog.

We make it easy to use that power: IkiWiki's full array of features all Just Work right out of the box on Branchable. If you want to tweak something, or enable some of the 100+ plugins, that's easy to do via the control panel: just a few clicks of the mouse.

When editing your site, you can use HTML if you like, or you can just write text like you're writing an email. See Formatting Guide and examples.

By the way, IkiWiki compiles your site down to static HTML files. So it can be served up blazingly fast, with excellent scalability. You won't see any "too many database connections" type errors here!