Branchable is built entirely using Free Software, by two guys who are also involved in many Free Software projects. Naturally, we're super excited to be able to use Branchable to host wikis and blogs for our own projects. We're especially pleased that it uses version control, and that branches of sites can be easily created by anyone. These things are a perfect fit with Free Software, and are the reason why Branchable's wiki engine Ikiwiki is already used by many Free Software projects such as DragonFly BSD, Monotone, and GNU Hurd.

So, while Branchable is in beta, we're letting Free Software projects sign up with a special, free hosting plan. Once we get out of beta, we'll continue to provide free hosting to projects that signed up in time. So now would be a good time to sign up!


The procedure to get a free site hosted by Branchable for your Free Software project is pretty simple:

  1. Get an OpenId or email address that will only be used for this Free Software project. (Don't use your personal OpenID or email. This is important.)
  2. Sign up using that OpenId or email address, and the "Basic" price plan. Since the first month is free, you have a few weeks to build your site and see if Branchable will work for your Free Software project.
  3. Email with "free software" in the subject, and a link to your site(s). We will check them, and convert it to a free account.


Q: How many sites can be hosted for a given Free Software project?
A: For now, we're limiting it to 2, but we may raise that.

Q: How much disk space/bandwidth can we use?
A: We don't enforce hard resource limits, but please keep disk usage to a reasonable amount, and don't plan to use this to serve up disk images! :)

Q: Branchable is just a startup. What if it fails?
A: You can back up your entire site at any time using git clone. And move it, if needed, to any other system with ikiwiki. (That's what the Franklin Street Statement is all about.) Or, if you'd like to help us not fail, please consider also paying Branchable to host your blog or personal website.