www.mypennmedicine.org is a safe and easy way to manage your Penn Medicine treatment online. You can send non-critical messages to your consideration group and get a response within two business days. www.mypennmedicine.org can also be used to read your PCP notes after the visit, ask for references, and reorder medications. They make it easy to find and plan the selection that’s right for you. You can even complete some online registration steps before your visit or subscribe to an email list to be notified when a pre-offer opens. www.mypennmedicine.org -logo www.mypennmedicine.org is a convenient way to share your wellness data with multiple providers. Your records can also be linked to other health associations you consult for more information about your wellness in one place. It allows you to access your test results online as they become available. You even have the option to separately access past results and document your progress. www.mypennmedicine.org