The Backrooms, a horrifying video game featuring a never-ending maze of randomly created offices. It also has a range of settings that may be identified by the smell of wet carpet, yellow paint that covers every surface, and dim lighting.

You can explore a variety of settings, hallways, levels, and pretty much everything else you can think of in the survival horror game the backrooms. The game is based on a myth that is frequently circulated online. There are a variety of hostile creatures—monsters, entities, or both—in every chamber and level. You must memorize the traits of each level in order to effectively navigate the maze and escape unharmed.

Players will be corralled into a room in this forthcoming game for unidentified reasons. Fluorescent lighting, an outdated yellowish wallpaper, and a wet carpet dominate the entire room. The player's goal is to keep moving ahead in order to find the exit in the allocated time and escape the maze successfully. The "labyrinth beyond reality" has been constructed such that each area seems precisely like the next and contains unnamed "objects," so players must proceed through it with extreme caution. Indistinct noises and unusual laughter will make your nerves even more tense. You won't be able to hide if "it" finds you, so your only choice is to run as swiftly as you can. Avoid being discovered!