Now there is an easy way to make Branchable push changes from your site out to other git repositories, like Github, Gitorious, or your own personal server.

/!\ Note that the way we push makes the git repositories become mirrors of the one at Branchable.

So you'll only want to do this with repositories that you don't commit other things to.

Here's how to set this up for your site.

  1. Click on its Setup button in the control panel.
  2. Find the gitpush section shown above, and check the "enable" box.
  3. Enter in the URLs of git repositories Branchable should push to.
  4. Download your site's ssh key by clicking on the link.
  5. Save setup.

Now comes the fun bit, setting up the git repositories to trust the ssh key to receive pushes.


On Github, go to the git repository Branchable will push to, click on "Admin", then "Deploy Keys", and paste in our ssh key.

other servers

Put our ssh key in the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server. Be sure to lock it down so it can only run git-shell!